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We provide a personal, professional and friendly service to help you create a unique place for you.


We never forget that it is your garden, therefore we believe it is important that you are involved throughout the design process. Working together we can create a garden with you which is truly unique. Your garden should reflect your spirit, style and taste. Discussing your needs and desires will enable us to interpret your individual style. The completed garden should also relate well to the character of your house and the location of the site.



Outline - What we do

Traditional, contemporary or wherever your style should fall, we aim to realise your vision from the initial spark of an idea, through the design, to the completed project.


We believe that a garden that has been well designed can be an asset to you and your family. It can increase your quality of life and enhance your enjoyment of your home as well as your garden. It could also add substantially to the value of your property.